Succession Planning

AFC has assisted hundreds of funeral home owners through the process of succession planning. As a single service or in conjunction with another, we decipher your needs and goals, examine all of the corollary effects of such plans, and orchestrate a strategy to assist you and your family in the transition of your business to family members, business partners, trusted employees, competitors, third-party buyers, or consolidation companies.

AFC believes that effective Succession Planning should be accomplished through a progression of events that have been strategically plotted out to occur over time - possibly years - rather than being addressed at a time of a crisis or life-changing event which may result in quick and possibly unfortunate decisions. It is carried out in conjunction with a business appraisal which then serves as a basis for many decisions.

Whether the purpose of your succession plan is for setting up your estate, preparing for the incremental transfer of stock, or the transfer of ownership upon your disability or death, AFC strives to help you achieve the benefits of your labor. We examine potential tax consequences, local, state, and federal legal issues, and adequate economic gain in the form of cash and retirement income. Our expert advisors work collaboratively with your own advisors to accomplish your goals. Our fees are based on the extent of our involvement in the planning process.